• Since 1972, Mayfield Companies, comprised of Mayfield Investment Company, Inc., Orcal Management, Inc., Mayfield Management Company, Mayfield Construction Company, and 70 general and limited partnerships, has owned, managed and renovated in excess of 1300 apartments and 370,000 square feet of office space.  These holdings are valued at more than $120,000,000, with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington Metropolitan Areas.  The Palo Alto office is the principal place of business for Mayfield Companies.


  • Today, Mayfield Investment Company is the managing general partner of 15 investment groups doing business in California, Oregon and Washington.  Since 1973, John Klimp, the key principal of Mayfield Companies, has raised approximately $60 million from more than 300 investors.  The partners’ investments syndicated by Mayfield Investment Company, have received approximately $51 million as distributions from their investments, as a result of sales, exchanges or cash flow from 54 properties during the past thirty years.  Properties have been owned for periods ranging between 8 months to 30 years.  Properties currently owned have an estimated equity in excess of $50 million, over 160% of the original capital of $32 million.  John Klimp is a major investor in every partnership organized by Mayfield Investment Company.


  • Mayfield Management Company manages all properties that are owned by Mayfield partnerships.  This professional management firm administers the day-to-day operations of the properties and provides the accounting function for ownership and operation of the properties.  Mayfield Management employs a complete leasing and management staff in California, Oregon, and Washington dedicated to the efficient management of all aspects of property operation.  Mayfield Management also employs a maintenance staff with a full range of skills and ensures quality work in all properties.  In addition to properties owned by Mayfield partnerships, Mayfield Management also provides management services for other property owners.  John Klimp establishes the overall operating policy including the guidelines for rental rates, operating expense levels, and capital improvements.


  • During the past fifteen years, Mayfield Construction Company has been involved with every aspect of the Mayfield Companies’ residential and office construction projects in Oregon.  The budgets of these projects have ranged from $3,000,000 for office tenant improvements to $6,000,000 for extensive renovations.  Mayfield Construction’s experience also includes apartment construction projects, tilt-up office projects and work on high-rise office structures, with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $6,500,000.  Today, Mayfield Construction Company is a full service company with the ability to take projects from the initial concept, through plans and constructions, to completion.