Sponsor Name

Mayfield Investment Company, Inc.

Special Purpose Entity Name

Capitol Hill Partners LLC

Sponsor City and State

Seattle WA

The Sponsor

The Mayfield Companies are an integrated group of companies that provide investment opportunities in commercial real estate, along with construction and property management services for those properties.

The Sponsor, Mayfield Investment Company, is a value-add investor and developer with a successful 45-year track record in multi-family and office structures.

Capitol Hill Partners LLC is the entity created by Mayfield to acquire, re-develop and operate two associated apartment buildings on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Asset Type

Two building multi-family

Investment Strategy

Buy and Hold

Value Add

Investment Objectives Capital Preservation
Tax Advantage
Income & Growth
Minimum $50,000, but Manager may elect to accept a lower amount
Maximum Investment $500,000

Capital Raise Goal


Investor Returns

Information available to qualified investors. Please get in touch with us at info@mayfieldcompanies.com.

Sponsor Historical Performance

Information available to qualified investors.  Please get in touch with us at info@mayfieldcompanies.com.

Opportunity Type


Is this a 506(c) fund?


Additional Information

Inception Date 1/18/2017
Investment Criteria Accredited Investor
Equity Redemption Period At Manager’s discretion. Estimated not less than 3 years
Distribution Frequency Annual
Profit Split Pari-passu until all investor capital has been returned. After return of investor capital, 75% to LLC Members and 25% to Manager.
Securities Counsel Ashbaugh Beal LLP (Seattle)
Maximum Leverage 80%
Target Leverage 80%
Accounting Firm Spiegel Accountancy

Investment Highlights

  • Sponsor Mayfield Investment Company’s core business is creating tax advantaged income through value appreciation
  • Mayfield’s historically successful strategy has been to purchase under-managed multi-family structures and office buildings that have significant amounts of deferred maintenance and to renovate, operate and sell these properties.
  • Mayfield and its related entities and managers have successfully executed this strategy over a 45-year period on more than 55 separate projects.
  • Capitol Hill Partners LLC, the investment vehicle, will benefit not only from Mayfield’s experience, but also from the properties’ location in one of the most rapidly appreciating apartment market areas in Seattle. In turn, Seattle is one of the top five strongest multi-family markets in the US.
  • Expected hold period is 3-10 years depending on market conditions.

Investment Terms

There is only one Investment Option—a Membership interest in Capitol Hill Partners LLC

Investment Terms details

Information available to qualified investors. Please get in touch with us at info@mayfieldcompanies.com.

Manager Compensation

Information available to qualified investors. Please get in touch with us at info@mayfieldcompanies.com.