John Klimp

Principal and President

Mr. Klimp was born in The Netherlands and emigrated to Portland Oregon in 1957.  He finished his first year of college at Portland State University and completed his undergraduate education with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Long Beach State University in 1968. He earned an MBA from University of Santa Clara 1974.

Mr. Klimp began his real estate investment career in 1971 by purchasing, along with his wife Nancy, a 5-plex apartment in Redwood City California.  In the process of improving the property, operating it successfully and selling it for a profit, Mr. Klimp established the business model for all properties he has subsequently acquired and operated.

In 1973 he created the beginnings of the Mayfield Companies structure and formed Mayfield’s first limited partnership. Its success attracted  other investors.  The Mayfield Companies’ present investment network exceeds 300 investors. Through the vehicle of Mayfield Companies, Mr. Klimp has acquired, renovated, managed and sold multi-family and office properties with a total value in excess of $290 million.

Mr. Klimp personally invests substantially in every Mayfield syndication.

Mr. Klimp has been consistently active in community affairs and in professional organizations related to the business of commercial real estate. These activities have included:

  • Past Trustee of the Tri-Pac and Tri-Issues PAC, Tri-County’s political action committee.
  •  Past President of Tri-County Multi Housing Corporation.
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in California since 1975.
  • Licensed General Contractor in Oregon since 1987.
  • Specialist in multi-family residential and commercial real estate since 1970.
  • Specialist in private syndications since 1973.
  • Consultant to retirement and pension funds.
  • Participant in public forums representing the housing industry.
  • Past President and Director of the Tri-County Apartment Association.

Mr. Klimp and his wife Nancy have been residents of Bainbridge Island, Washington since 2015.  Both of them are deeply involved with their family  and continue to be active in professional and local community affairs.

John DesCamp

Vice President, Mayfield Investment Company

Mr. DesCamp’s 52 years in business include a regional corporate legal practice, partnership in a regional investment banking firm, and founding or advisory roles at early stage  companies.

He has been founder and board member of seven successful start-up and early stage businesses. He was co-founder of a regional Pacific NW law firm, and was the managing partner of that law firm for 6 years. 

Mr. DesCamp  has been an active member of the Northwest’s investment banking community since 1990 and has served as advisor and board member to a publicly traded biotech company and several closely held companies.

His past and present community involvement includes service on the foundation boards of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Oregon Health and Sciences University, the Governor’s Committee on Biotechnology,  the Friends of William Stafford, the Chartwell Society and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.

Mr. DesCamp earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Seattle University and his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Lewis and Clark University/Northwestern School of Law in Portland, Oregon. He resides in Portland.

Yvonne Rogers

Director of Operations- Mayfield Companies

Ms. Yvonne Rodgers has worked in various operations management positions, primarily in commercial and multifamily property management, for 17 years. She joined Mayfield Companies in 2001 and has been the Company’s Director of Operations since 2008. She was the architect of the company’s current operations structure and is primarily responsible for Mayfield’s operations in Seattle and Portland.

In addition to her active involvement in Mayfield’s operations, Ms. Rodgers is an accomplished asset manager with responsibility for all company staff. She approves and oversees all construction activities, and plays a key role in executing the company’s re positioning strategy at The New Carroll and the Capitol Hill Park.

Ms. Rodgers is in charge of maintaining and improving Mayfield’s operational efficiencies wherever possible.

Much of her free time is spent with her three grandchildren. Outside of her family commitments, her passions include organic gardening, cooking and travel.

Ms. Rodgers is the key person in Mayfield’s operations.